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Dr. Deer and Texas Trophy Hunters Team Up Once Again for Extravganza

Well it is summer, 2013, and that means Dr. Deer and Ben Koerth will be at all three Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza shows http://www.ttha.com/hunters-extravaganza in Houston, Ft. Worth and San Antonio. Come out and visit Dr. Kroll and Ben, and be sure to attend one of their seminars presented each day of the shows in Houston and San Antonio. They will be presenting the latest findings of their deer research, and are ready to answer all the questions you have been saving up since last year. Topics this year will include their findings about making food plots even more economical and effective, using electric fencing and new small scale silage baling equipment. So, come out to the shows and meet the Dr. Deer gang. John Butler of Buck Forage Oats and BFTV will also be on hand to talk food plots in the booth. We look forward to shaking your hand and we are honored to sign autographs, especially for the youngsters.

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