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Dr. Kroll presents ADVANCE Distinguished Lecture

Dr. Kroll was honored to present his one and a half hour seminar presentation, Managing White-tailed Deer in 21st Century, as the ADVANCE Distinguished Lecturer at Kansas State University, Leadership Studies Building, Town Hall at 4:00pm, Friday the 20th of September. Dr. Kroll revealed some of his new management strategies for producing monster bucks; and, he gave attendees the opportunity to meet with him and discuss their unique management issues. Kansas State University has one of the most unique education/training programs for wildlife and outdoor recreational enterprise professionals. Dr. Kroll is working with them, providing advice on food plot research in Kansas. "This is the most impressive program to produce highly trained and motivated young professionals in the country," says Dr. Kroll, "these are some of the finished young men and women in the profession. If you are looking for a professional manager for your hunting, fishing or outdoor recreation enterprise, THIS is th place to go!"

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