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Dr. James C. Kroll will host the extremely popular and successful Whitetail Slam TV program, beginning next season. "It not only is an honor to be asked to host the show," says Dr. Deer, "but, the subject matter is near and dear to my heart-- appreciating the various subspecies of whitetails and the hunting traditions, geography and people who hunt them!" Kroll also points out whitetail hunting is maturing and hunters are beginning to seek more than just another set of antlers for their wall. Interest today is in the various experiences that create a lifetime of memories and friends. "I am so proud to be associated with folks like Tom Miranda and Cy Weikert, two men who represent what the best in hunting. I could not ask to be on a show with more skilled deer hunters!" says Kroll. You will be able to watch hunters pursue the Whitetail Slam, from the deserts of Old Mexico to the swamps of Florida.  For more information, click the link WHITETAIL SLAM. Do you have a Whitetail SLAM?   —a feat achieved by harvesting four bucks from the eight recognized whitetail subgroups found in North America.

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