Wildlife and White-Tailed (Whitetail) Deer Management Consultants and Consultation

NEVER BUY DEER PROPERTY WITHOUT AN INDEPENDENT ANALYSIS! There are many real estate dealers wanting to sell "deer property" today, but how do you know if the property really has the potential to do what they say? Contact Dr. Deer for white-tailed deer property evaluation and consulting; wildlife real estate evaluation and consulting. Dr. Deer can help research & development of new products, as well as, unbiased evaluation of existing products. We also offer exclusive whitetail hunting with Dr. Deer Hunts: Trophy Whitetail, Texas Whitetail & Estate Whitetail

With four plus decades of professional experience, Dr. Deer is the recognized world authority on Whitetails (White-tailed Deer).

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Susie Lower Joins Dr. Deer Team!

For years, Dr. Kroll has worked with Susie Lower in a host of projects on forest wildlife management. She is one of the best bird authorities we know. The Institute is not just about Deer; we live all the species that benefit from Deer management. Sue has agreed to come on board as our Official... Read More >>


For years, Dr. Kroll repeatedly has said that higher primates and humans cannot contract CWD by eating venision. Now, the National Institutes of Health has published their findings, and it proves me right! Dr. Kroll has been criticized many times for taking this position, but it was based on solid science, not sensationalism. Read this... Read More >>

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