Wildlife and White-Tailed (Whitetail) Deer Management Consultants and Consultation

NEVER BUY DEER PROPERTY WITHOUT AN INDEPENDENT ANALYSIS! There are many real estate dealers wanting to sell "deer property" today, but how do you know if the property really has the potential to do what they say? Contact Dr. Deer for white-tailed deer property evaluation and consulting; wildlife real estate evaluation and consulting. Dr. Deer can help research & development of new products, as well as, unbiased evaluation of existing products. We also offer exclusive whitetail hunting with Dr. Deer Hunts: Trophy Whitetail, Texas Whitetail & Estate Whitetail

With four plus decades of professional experience, Dr. Deer is the recognized world authority on Whitetails (White-tailed Deer).

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We are happy to have the Field Day full again for another year! If you still want to sign up, please contact us at 936.326.4156 and we will see if you can be accommodated. We limit attendance to provide a quality experience for all attendees. See you folks on the 3rd of March!... Read More >>

Still Lots of Deer Activity at the Research Facility

Doc drove into the research facility (5 February, 2018) and here is what he saw! A doe fawn has come into estrus and has attracted a group of our big boys! Fortunately, they have not cast their antlers yet, and since they are some of our good bucks, the offspring of this little doe will... Read More >>

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