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This report blows the lid off the recent assertion that CWD is "exploding" in Wisconsin. Dr. Kroll blames poor quality science and data for the erroneous conclusions by some scientists and interest groups. 


It's just Like War.pdf

What Happened in 2014.pdf

The Sky is Still Not Falling.pdf

As more and more States report CWD, is it spreading of the malady or more testing for it?

The Metrics of Deer Management.pdf

Good Plot Keeping.pdf

DYI Slam Part 1.pdf

Antler Growth.pdf

Youth, the future of deer hunting.pdf

The world of whitetail antlers Part 1 why antlers.pdf

Part 2 available to members only. 

The cost of hunting in Texas.pdf

Management buck.pdf

anagement buck.pdf

Late Season Fun.pdf

Wild hogs, they're mean, they're bad and they are here to stay!.pdf

Right (again) unfortunately, EHD.pdf

Pay Back Time, giving back to my mentors.pdf

Making TV Shows, it ain't as easy as it looks.pdf

Making sense out of buck size limit regulations.pdf

Ethics or ego, it's all about choices.pdf

Chosing a deer consultant.pdf

Calling Tactics that Really Work.pdf

40 feet of antlers in one season!.pdf

Here is Part 1 of a 7 part series on the mysteries of deer movement. Members may read all 7 chapters. 

Solving the riddle of deer movement, Part 1.pdf

Gene Riser Tribute.pdf

This tells the story of deer management pioneer, Gene Riser, who was Dr. Kroll's dear friend for many years. We miss him, and the deer world does too!

Dr. Kroll's Career, An amazing 25 year journey.pdf

This is an article Dr. Kroll published when his career reached 25 years!

Do Antler Size Limits Really Work.pdf

There are a lot of misconceptions about antler size restriction regulations, this article tells you the facts. 

Deer Leases, by the way the family also gets to hunt.pdf

This article discusses the ins and outs of leasing for deer hunting.

Deer Diseases, can I eat it.pdf

We get many phone calls about a deer someone has killed that appears to have a disease. This is the first question they ask. 

Dealing with climatic extremes.pdf

Daniel Boone is Dead.pdf

CWD, fact or folly.pdf

CWD the sky is not falling!.pdf

CWD White Paper.pdf

Co-Ops and Deer Management.pdf

Where now in our research.pdf

Dr. Kroll discusses what we have learned about deer and what we still need to learn.

DIY Hunts for the Whitetail Slam

You may think it will be expensive to pursue the Whitetail Slam, but Doc gives tips on how you can do it as a DIY hunt. 

Al Brothers, Deer Management Pioneer

Learn about one of Dr. Kroll's heros! We all should be thankful to Al Brothers for his contributions. 


Patterning Your 1987 Buck


Anticosti Island Hunt

Guided Hunts


Habitat, Schmabitat!

What is habitat? Dr. Deer tells you. 

Food Plot History

The Future of Management