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Dr. Deer announces availability of new electric deer fence system.

Dr. Deer, Inc. has joined forces with Buck Forage Products to offer the first complete electric deer excluder fence kit on the market. In 1982, Dr. James C. Kroll (aka, Dr. Deer) was asked to develop a fencing system that would exclude deer from crops and gardens. He designed a three wire, offset electric fence that proved to be 95% effective in keeping deer out of areas where they were not wanted. The fence consisted of three high tensile galvanized 12 gage wires, tightened to 1,200 lbs per square inch with strainers. The fence required a lot of work to erect and required heavy posts and braces. Yet, the fence was effective and proved successful in its first application in a vineyard in New Mexico against mule deer.

At that time, people asked, "Why would you ever want to exclude deer from anywhere?" As with many of the technologies developed by Dr. Deer and his research partner, Ben Koerth, the scientists were way ahead of their time. Only recently have deer populations reached levels which have prevented deer managers from establishing crops and food plots to supplement nutrition. Using state of the art synthetic wires and posts, Dr. Deer has developed a simple alternative to the old fence. Taking two persons about one hour to erect a fence around an acre food plot, the new fence has a host of applications; including protecting food plot plantings from deer until they can become estalished, rotation grazing by deer, strip grazing, and even forage banking until the deer need the high quality forage enclosed in the fence. The fence also can be used to protect highly attractive crops from deer until just before the hunting season to provide a highly attractive food source for deer on you hunting territory.

The new Dr. Deer Electric Fence System is available from Buck Forage Products. Click on the Buck Forage link to go to their site so you can see videos on how the fence works, what the kit includes and how to erect the fence quickly.

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