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12th Annual Dr. Deer Field Day Great Success!

The 12th Annual Dr. Deer Field Day, in spite of light rain, was a huge success on March 4, 2017! Attendees toured the Institute property in small groups, headed by Dr. Kroll, Ben Koerth and Rob Hughes, to see and hear about the latest deer management developments for private landowners. Topics and demonstrations included proper food plot development, plant varieties that really work, fencing of food plots, banking forages, thinning oak stands to increase acorn production, deer orchards, artificial water development, herbicides for whitetails, prescribed burning methods and a host of other topics related to landscaping your property for whitetails. 

Dr. James C. Kroll discusses the various fertilizer formulations and which to use for each aspect of forage management. Image title

Image title

Field Day attendees learned about two different ways to fence deer out of food plots until you want your deer to feed on them.

Image title

Dr. Kroll demonstrates how to prune oaks for faster growth and acorn production; as well as, use of herbicides to thin oaks. 

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