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Dr. Deer Team Presents Deer Hunting Skills Course in Michigan

Saturday, August10th was an exciting day for hunters in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, as the Dr. Deer Team (Dr.Kroll and Wayne Sitton) presented the first annual deer hunting skills short course. The first half of the day was spent in the classroom, where attendees learned about topics such as deer senses and how to thwart them, rutting behavior, the art of patterning whitetails, and shooting deer with gun and bow. The afternoon found the class in the field, getting hands-on training in the forest on patterning deer, mapping rub lines, use of brush blinds, rattling and calling bucks, and proper use of decoys. "I learned more in one day about hunting whitetails than in 20 years of pursuing these great animals," said one participant. Courses like this will be offered many times each year around the country. Watch the Dr. Deer website for the next course date and location. 

Dr. James Kroll demonstrates rattling and calling trophy bucks in the Great North Woods to the class.

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