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Dr. Deer Team Travels to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The fall color is just entering its peak season as the Dr. Deer Team, Dr. James C. Kroll, Ben H. Koerth and Wayne Sitton, begin work at The Wilderness, one of the largest (if not THE largest) high-fenced properties in Michigan. Lying both in Wisconsin and Michigan, The Wilderness is owned by Ken Cox, who is returning this fantastic North Woods retreat to its former glory. Ken asked the Team to come to Phelps, Wisconsin to advise him on developing the 5,000+ acres of hardwoods, conifers and swamps into THE destination hunting/fishing and outdoor recreation spot in the Lake States. "The ultimate vision of The Wilderness is to develop a sacred place where the values of land stewardship, solitude and reflection and hunting traditions lie at the core of the property. Multiple uses will revolve around this core, including a variety of outdoor recreational activities (nature study, hiking, camping, horseback riding, biking, shooting sports, snowmobiling, etc.); spiritual development; retreats; corporate meetings; etc.," says Ken; deeply religious man with a reverence for God's creations. When complete, The Wilderness will offer an array of outdoor activities, including trophy whitetail and elk hunting. Chief of Northern Operations, Wayne Sitton, says: "Without a doubt, The Wilderness is one of the finest whitetail management areas I ever had the honor to help." Wayne is more than qualified to help develop the property, since he is a recognized north woods deer and habitat management expert. Director of Southern Operations, Ben Koerth, is aiding with genetic improvement and food plot location and layout. "The goal is to develop a forest management system that produces a sustained yield of deer forage, as well as return from timber resources from this day forward," says Ben. Keep your eye on The Wilderness, it will be one of the best known trophy deer hunting places in the country!

The Dr. Deer Team is helping Ken Cox (right) realize his dream of developing a special place in God's world. Team members are (right to left): Dr. James C. Kroll, Director of Southern Operations Ben Koerth, and Director of Northern Operations, Wayne Sitton. The Wilderness is a place to watch over the coming years, as it develops into a top tier whitetail hunting destination.

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