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We have received many inquiries about Dr. Kroll's custom cross-draw knife and how to get one. In fact, Dr. Kroll's unique knife has fostered a flood of similar products, but these are the originals. Dr. Deer recently commissioned Carroll Elston of Dublin, TX; one of Texas' premier custom knife makers to produce a limited edition, 10 knife only, knife for the public. Each knife is hand-made, consequetively numbered (2-10), with each handle made from one of Dr. Kroll"s bucks harvested for North American Whitetail or Dr. Deer. The registration number and "Dr. Deer" is etched on each blade. Even the sheath is hand-made and numbered, with a snap for easy attachment to your belt. We are offering a 10% discount to Dr. Deer members. Go to the Products page to order your knife and it will be sent right away. Remember, there are only 9 to be sold at the reasonable price of 199.95 (minus 10% for members).

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