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Cinnamon Creek Game Processing Paving the Way for Gourmet Venison

Dr. Kroll recently harvested a tremendous buck with his Ten Point Crossbow. Yet, harvesting a great trophy is only the beginning of the enjoyment of deer hunting. On the way home, Doc dropped off his venison at Cinnamon Creek Processing to receive their very special treatment! You see, venison is not about chili meat, summer sausage and jerky anymore; its about enjoying one of nature's most healthy and tasty food items. This deer will receive royal treatment, which will be passed on to Doc's family and friends. Teryaki strips on a stick, meatloaf, bacon wrapped filets, cutlets and snack sticks will be the product of this deer. The next one harvested will end up as double meat tamales, meat balls, bratwurst, and other tasty culinary adventures. Doc recommends you NEVER cook your steaks and filets beyond medium rare for maximum taste and tenderness. "I cannot see why folks over cook their venison steaks and cuts," says Doc, "it is the healthiest and safest food item you can have!"

Cinnamon Creek Ranch has been operated by Joe Mussachio (left) and his son, Joey (right) for years, and is the most popular game processing facility in the DFW Metroplex. Hunters from all over Texas and Oklahoma bring deer, elk, wild hogs and other game animals solely to Joe and Joey, because they know their animals will be handled with top of the line meat processing care. They feature dozens of tasty variations to select from.

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