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Ranch Remotes Visits Institute

Mr. Brad Mitchell of Ranch Remotes visited the Institute's research facility on 4 February, 2014 to discuss further testing of his very useful equipment, which can remotely control spin feeders. Why would you want to do this? Well, those of you living in states that allow baiting, as well as feeding deer, a common problem is the feeder goes off, deer come to feed, then leave before you have a chance to get a shot or to see them adequately. The reason is most of the feeders on the market are controlled by a unit that sets the time, date and duration of feed delivery. Brad has a wonderful work-around, using his Ranch Remote device. It simply plugs into existing wiring and allows you to remotely reactivate feed dispensing with an inexpensive walkie-talkie. Brad has asked the Instiute to test and evaluate his device, and we are in the midst of that work. Everything looks pretty good at this point, so stay tuned for our results.

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