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CWD will not make elk or deer go extinct!

In 2003, Dr. James C. Kroll stuck his neck out on national TV (Texas Trophy Hunters), boldly predicting CWD would not make deer or elk become extinct, and the eradication efforts by the Wisconsin DNR wouid be unsuccessful. Well, over a decade later, deer are in high numbers near Mount Horeb, Wisconsin; and elk populations flourish in the epicenter of the CWD area in Colorado. Now, scientists have published an article (click here) that validates Dr. Kroll's claim. "It is not that I am some sort of 'seer' or anything," says Dr. Kroll, "i just applied good old fashioned common sense, plus what I was taught in school about natural selection." There were two reasons for Doc to make this claim. First, CWD does not become clinical until later in life, long after does or cows have produced numerous offspring. Second, there is a resistant gene in cervids, which extends the life of exposed animals. This gives the ones with the resistant gene a selective advantage over those lacking it, slowing increasing the percentage of the population with resistance. Wyoming scientists have found the same thing in their simulation studies. Doc is a firm supporter of science, but it is "good" science he prefers to see being practiced!

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