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2015 Dr. Deer's Whitetail World Field Day Huge Success!

The 10th Annual Dr. Deer's Whitetail World Field Day (March 14th at the Research Facility near Nacogdoches, TX) was huge success, with the attendance limit of 50 being reached far in advance of the activity. Attendees were treated to a host of hands-on presentations, ranging from cool and warm season food plots, to use of herbicides to improve whitetail habitat. In addition, the Dr. Deer Approved and Dr. Deer Preferred product and service providers were in attendance to present the latest technologies in deer management and hunting. These included Boss Buck Feeders, Buck Forage Oats, Trophy Totes, Sendero Seed Co., South Texas Tripods, TenderBuck, Gunnyart Products (T-Post Camera Mounts), Angry Buck (The Stage)Scents, Chestnut Hill Nurseries, Golden Valley planters, Lone Star Feed and Seed, and Rio Grande Outfitters. This was a special time for all, especially since it marked the inaugural presentation of Rio Grande Outfitters as the first Dr. Deer's Whitetail World franchisee. Owner, Jim Kniestadt is a long time friend of Dr. Kroll and Ben Koerth, and we are proud to have him associated with the Dr. Deer Brand! Dr. Deer's Whitetail World offers only products and services that have earned the Dr. Deer Seal of Approval, meaning that they represent products and services that REALLYwork! 

Jim Holbert who publishes the Wildlife Management News Letter (Wildlife News) came down from New York with three of his friends and partners-- Mark and Sal Peretore, and Jamey Behonyi-- and they were treated to a pre-Field Day shed hunt on the facility. They a host of sheds, many of which were world class, but also found one of the bucks lost during the rut; a fine typical 6 X 5 five year old. We hate to lose any buck, but when one like this is lost, its a shame some lucky hunter (particularly a young person) missed out on bagging a monster. Yet, we have many more and the loss soon will be replaced with yet another monster buck. 

Jim and Dr. Deer are partnering on making Wildlife Management News into a full magazine with broad geographic appeal. So, watch out for an announcement soon. 

Sal Peretore displays his "trophy" while searching for cast antlers on the Dr. Deer Facility. The rut can be stressful for mature bucks, and we think this five year old died of pneumonia. 


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