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Doc Meets with Two Old Friends at Texas Trophy Hunters 40th Anniversary

Like everyone, Doc has his heros! Recently, the Texas Trophy Hunters Association and Magazine held its 40th Anniversary celebration in San Antonio. It was great to spend time with men and women who created the first magazine devoted solely to deer hunting in 1975. Doc sat down with buddies Al Brothers (left) and Horace Gore (center) to talk about deer, deer hunting and the "Good Ole Days." Al is the unchallenged "Father of Deer Management," and Doc not only values his friendship, but frequently consults wtih Al on critical deer management issues. Check out his book, "Producing Quality Whitetails," which was instrumental in development of the Quality Deer Management Association. Horace and Doc have also been friends for almost 40 years. Horace and Al were students together at Texas A&M, and have some fantastic tales about their exploits as Aggies. "What I admire about Horace," says Doc, "he is a life-long learner and and a wise man." It was Horace's advice that led Jerry Johnston, Gene Riser and me to create the Texas Deer Association." In this age of TV hype and glitz, real pioneers like Al and Horace do not get the credit they deserve. 

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