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Dr. Deer Pear Update

The new Dr. Deer Pears we developed continue to amaze us! Most of our two year old trees have fruit on them this year. The only problem we have encountered so far is some managers planted them too early in New York and a cold snap of less than 20 degrees killed a portion. ALWAYS either plant fruit trees in the Spring after all danger of heavy frost is over, or better yet, in the early Fall to allow time for them to form roots. Dr. Deer Pears come in two forms -- bare rooted or potted. Bare root trees will form roots after they are planted and potted when they are placed in the pots. We now are looking at a new plum, but will not complete our evaluations until 2016. Stay tuned!

The photos below show properly planted Dr. Deer Pears in April (left) and in July (right). Note the protective tubes and wire protectors on each. We spray around our trees in Spring with glyphosate to eliminate weed oompetition, and put down a 4 ft X 4ft ground cloth around each tree. You will be amazed how this helps.

Although these trees are "technically" two years old, they were produced from buds from the only tree in existence, which is 15 years old. That is why they fruit quickly. 

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